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b-f 3.0.22 on hppa, screen drawing problem

  Just built 3.0.22 for hppa, and tried an install in French.  When I
formatted my second partition, and it put up the dialog asking me where
I wanted to mount it (/boot, /usr, etc), that dialog was drawn over the
previous one.  I selected /boot, and the next dialog was draw over the
top again, giving me the main menu with bits of the "where do you want
to mount" one showing at either side.

Subsequent dialogs cleared properly.  The next problem was that the
screen where I should select which modules I want to load didn't
actually list any modules.  Just had the 'exit' option.  This seems to
be a problem with painting the text; if I scroll down and select one of
the blank lines I get the next level menu.  Not a big deal on hppa, as
we compile all relevant stuff for first boot in to the kernel.

b-f was built on a current woody system, with just modconf 0.2.43 in

The rest of the install went fine.

Tried an English install, and none of those problems occurred.  Dialogs
were cleared/drawn properly, and the modules screen had all its text


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