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woody compact ethernet not working after intial reboot

I'm installing debian woody compact on a DEC server which must be about
4 years old. The server has two ethernet cards, the second installed
because, I think, of problems with the second.

I managed to install the base system fine over eth1 (through
switch->firewall/NAT->leased line). I used the latest woody compact
flavour from <ftp.uk.debian.org>. I installed the kernel and modules
from the floppy image. On reboot everything went fine except that I
can't get any traffic through the eth1.

The system logs show some information about the eth1 interface,
including an error message, all prefixed with eth1:

	Digital DS21143 Tulip rev 48 at 0X7880 IRQ5
	eeprom default type autosense
	then information about support for the following is listed:
	then a warning:
	No M11 transceiver found.

The card leds flash when I try to ping the network. Ifconfig shows the
correct setup for eth1 (eth0 isn't even loaded). I've changed the switch
from autonegotiate to fix on 10/half and 10/full. Still no luck.

The only thing I did which I can imagine making a difference to the
setup was that I chose to remove pcmcia support(!)

Any help _much_ appreciated.
Rory Campbell-Lange 

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