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Bug#139043: ARM] Please mention conflict with "noinitrd" boot option

On Thu, 2002-03-21 at 13:26, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> command to review your environment settings. Finally, if your 
> "cmdappend" NeTTrom variable has the "noinitrd" option (which is 
> necessary to boot 2.4 kernels),

Is this actually still necessary with the latest 2.4 kernels?  I thought
it was fixed in the more recent kernel-images.

> Okay.  This is kind of NetWinder-centric, but that's what I have so 
> others can add their subarch's stuff.  Section 4.4 should also be modified:
> < You need to setup a RARP server or a BOOTP or a DHCP server, as well 
> as a TFTP server.
>  > You need to setup a TFTP server, and for non-NetWinder machines, a 
> RARP server, a BOOTP server, or a DHCP server.

Right now, the only other two subarches that really work are riscpc and
CATS.  RiscPC has its own special "easy install archive" and doesn't
support network booting in the sense that we're talking about here.  So,
rather than "non-NetWinder", you can probably just write "CATS".


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