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make update-po policy

tir, 2002-03-19 kl. 00:56 skrev Philip Blundell:
> It sounds like it might be better to let the individual translators
> update their own .po files as and when they feel like it.

Then we need to be very explicit about it to all translators. This would
be the only gettexted package that I know of, that expects the
translators to keep the po files in sync with the source code.

A lot of translators sitting behind a modem will *never* download the
full CVS, but rather just touch their .po-file. So any new strings will
get lost for their language.

Maybe the maintainer could make it part of his release sheudule to 'make
update-po' only when a release is close and no strings expected to

Claus Hindsgaul

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