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Bug#138849: boot-floppies: syslinux screen on boot-floppies created boot-floppy has messed chars

David Kimdon <dwhedon@debian.org> cum veritate scripsit:

> This is probably a bug in syslinux.  If the bug isn't easy to fix in
> syslinux though, perhaps we should put in non-accented equivalents so
> the text is easier to read? As it is I can make it out, but it would
> definately be clearer if the garbled characters were removed.  Would
> we want to do that for every language?  I see that ko and ja are in
> English, presumably because syslinux has no chance of making anything
> like those characters.

Yes, something tells me that the french translation was done, and
no one really ever checked how it really looks on install :P

We've given up on trying to display Japanese text on
syslinux message, because it's almost impossible on most 
arches except maybe pc9800, which has hardware support 
for Japanese text.


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