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Re: 3.0.20 powerpc build

On Fri, 2002-03-15 at 04:27, Chris Tillman wrote:
> First, mac-fdisk doesn't run. From the menu, there's just a
> flash. From vc 2, it complains about an extra "(". I think we saw this
> problem before, (the last time aph built? - sorry, but I think it's
> true) and it had to do with library reduction. The version in the
> current root image lists out at 21008 blocks, a working one is 29404.

Yes, it was #126489.  I don't think we ever figured out what the
original cause was but it went away when someone rebuilt the image.

Maybe Adam has a bad mac-fdisk.deb in his local archive directory, or
something.  At any rate, the binary that's placed on the rootdisk is
obviously getting scrunged somehow, either prior to or during the build.


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