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Re: localising base-config - end game

#include <hallo.h>
Petter Reinholdtsen wrote on Wed Mar 06, 2002 um 10:16:01PM:

> Yes.  I even submitted some patches, bug #135565 "base-config:
> Improved handling of LANG and LANGUAGE during install".  Joey said the
> patches looked sane, but wanted me to test them properly before he

Look okay. Few questions:

 - we use weird locales strings on BFs, in the form of
   xx_YY.charset@euro. You extract this with re on
   my ($locale)   = $LANG =~ m/^([^.@]+)/;
   and write this into /etc/locale.gen. I am not sure, but IMHO this
   extracts only the xx_YY part without @euro. But for the LANG value,
   you need the @euro part.

> the process.  I also discovered a blocker with debootstrap.  It will
> only load the base-config package from 'main' or 'non-US/main', while
> my packages naturally ends up in 'local'.  This is bug #116801
> "debootstrap: does not allow local branch only consults main branch of

How could you succeed with this patch? 
a) the local directory is not listed in Release, and only it's contents
   are parsed
b) debootstrap does checking of the binaries, you cannot replace one
   just so

> >  - add additional prompt, asking the user about keeping the locale
> Ideally, the install system should do this automatically, but if it is

That is you opionion. Some people do not want systemwide locales but a
localised installation.

> >  - the configuration and locales generation is done by base-config in
> >    the beginning
> Or it should be done by termwrap before starting base-config.  It will

Or so.

> >  - I am still not sure whether the user should be forced to reconfigure
> >    debconf and locales
> I think this is a bad idea.  It is hard to grasp what on earth the
> configuration of locales is all about.

I do not care, should be JoeyH's decission.

> > (*) BFs can install additional packages when isntalling from CD or from
> > net. There should still be one hook to disable wants_locale if we are
> > installing from prepared basedebs.tar.
> Any ideas on how to detect that?

I would move the new dialog before the call of exec_debootstrap(argv);
(checking the needed packages first, or just disabling the dialog if the
source was a basedebs.tar file).

> Here is my current patch.  The termwrap changes are not complete.  I'm

As said, please first check the expressions, and compare with mine. This
all was needed to extract charset and lang string (inc. @euro) and
fixing the charset (ISO88... -> ISO-88...).

> not sure how to handle the fact that the given locale might be
> invalid, and thus useless.  The would be detected in termwrap, but

If it is invalid, do not use it.

> would also need to be detected in base-config to avoid the perl
> warnings and avoid using an unsupported charset.

If you run locale-gen early enough, you should not see any warnings.

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