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3.0.19 installation report on i386

I did a fresh install of 3.0.19 on my i386 box today. I used the standard
root.bin and rescue.bin and basedebs.tar from auric.

There were only two problems with the installation, first I had to convert
basedebs.tar to basedebs.tgz (this is fixed with 3.0.20?).

Second, as this box is my router connected to a DSL modem and uses pppoe,
the network installation did not work as provided by the installer. When
asked for which NIC was to be used for installing, I decided to give it the
one, which is _not_ used for installing, because ppp0 was not offered to me.
Should I have given it eth0? I know from my previous install that eth0 does
not show up in ifconfig when using pppoe. Well, maybe thats described in the
documentation (which I did not read ;-) but it would not hurt if the
installer could mention this as well.
Then, when configuring ppp, I could enter my provider information, but it
wanted a telephone number, this is because pppoeconfig was not included in
the basedebs? (did not check if it was or not, it wasn't used anyway).
After setting up pppoe by hand (all required packages were in basedebs), the
installation proceeded without problems. Now I only have to finish


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