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Bug#135211: boot-floppies: bf2.4 has 2.4.17 kernel but 2.2.20 modules

Package: boot-floppies
Version: CVS 2.22.2002
Severity: important

In the current (2-21-2002) CVS, the bf24 flavor include modules for
kernel 2.2.20 instead of the version matching the kernel (currently
2.4.17). So no modules can be loaded.

The build process include the following messages:

$ make resc1440bf2.4.bin
I: creating module contents file, 'modcontbf2.4'
I: creating 'modulesbf2.4.tgz'
I: creating 'linuxbf2.4'
I: creating 'sys_mapbf2.4.gz'
I: creating 'configbf2.4.gz'
I: cleaning up extract area
make -C utilities KVER=2.2.20 KERNEL_VERSION_CODE=144179 writemaps
make[1]: Entering directory `/data/debian/boot-floppies/utilities'
make -C writemaps KVER=2.2.20 KERNEL_VERSION_CODE=144179
make[2]: Entering directory

The following "fix" makes it possible to build a usable bf24 flavor,
but of course invalidates all others. It seems that the $kver variable
is used somewhere in the bf24 build where it should not have been.

ifeq "$(architecture)" "i386"
-    kver        := 2.2.20
+    kver        := 2.4.17-bf2.4
    kver_24 := 2.4.17

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux reber 2.4.18-pre9 #19 SMP søn feb 17 15:38:42 CET 2002
Locale: LANG=da, LC_CTYPE=da_DK

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