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Assistance with 2.4.x potato bootdisks

Title: Assistance with 2.4.x potato bootdisks

I have taken the potato boot disks and copied a 2.4.x kernel onto them. The
system boots fine, but immediately after the initial ram disk is loaded it
is unable to find init. I have tried specifying /sbin/init to no avail. I started with the config.gz that was on the original potato rescue.bin.

I don't really have to time to dive into boot-floppies, can anyone point me
in the right direction?

I need to get an Intel i2o RAID controller up and running.

Please CC me the response.


Nicholas M. Kirsch <nkirsch@insynq.com>

InsynQ, Inc.

GPG fingerprint = C627 67C6 0C07 B376 D707 7096 3720 D607 E89F F919

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