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Re: report for b-f 2002-02-17

On Tue, 2002-02-19 at 21:38, Jeff Sheinberg wrote:
>     o I could not use the "hard disk" method to install the
>       drivers nor to install the basedebs.  This is probably
>       because the partition containing these files is of type
>       ext3, which is not supported by the 2.2.20 kernel, however,
>       they should have been mounted as ext2, not as ext3.

What version of the boot-floppies were you using?  There have been a lot
of changes to the "hard disk" method recently.  I don't think ext2/ext3
is likely to be a factor - if you were able to mount the filesystem by
hand, dbootstrap should have been able to do the same.

>     o The tzconfig screen does not have a cancel option,
>       therefore, if one makes a mistake, one has to fix it after
>       having rebooted.  This is especially not nice for a newbie.

Sounds like you should file a bug for that one.


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