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Re: Hardware detection w/example code.

#include <hallo.h>
Karl M. Hegbloom wrote on Thu Feb 14, 2002 um 09:30:50AM:

>  Any reason not to put hardware detection into the boot-floppies?

a) Disk space. The boot floppies are full.
b) Do you volunteer to implement this support?

>  "libdetect" works fairly well on each of the three machines I've
>  tried it on.

And kudzu works fine for me, though is not useable for BFs.

>  Note that in the case of a USB keyboard and mouse, you'll want to
>  load the HID stuff right away, even before they try to type
>  anything...  Right?  (I've no system with USB keyboard only to try

Wrong. With kernel 2.4, the USB keyboard emulation from BIOS works as
long as the controller is not resetted (by loading the uhci driver, for
example). And if you load this driver with modconf, it will load the usb
keyboard driver automaticaly if you cannot use the keyboard.

>  This script segment should bring in IDE, SCSI, USB, and NIC
>  drivers. (WFM, YMMV)...  Requires Linux 2.4 with devfs, tested with
>  "busybox" "ash" (this is from a /linuxrc I wrote)

Devfs breaks libfdisk. Space is limited. These are facts. I cannot
imagine that you are going to find a solution in the freeze time.

If you want to impress users by a full-auto-detection Debian system, try
Knoppix. The hardware setup is implemented fine there, on the top of

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