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network install hang

I have tried to install debian woody from both floppy (2.4bf), and CD-ROM
(netinst images: http://people.debian.org/~ieure/netinst/) and for two
different machines the install hangs at a random point in the install.  I have
repeated this probably 20 times.  The install does not finish, but crashes when
installing packages (and never at the same point).

By "crash" I mean the system is unresponsive to interrupts (can't ping,
keyboard lights don't flash when you hit numlock).  i.e. it looks like a hard
kernel crash.

One of the machines is an AMD K5-133, 24MB RAM, Diamond Stealth 64 video (VLB),
aha1522 (ISA), ne2000 (isa), ide (unknown - ISA).  I have the root on a 100MB
IDE drive, and /usr on a 4GB SCSI drive.  I was attempting a network install in
all cases.

The other machine is an AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz (via KT266 chipset), ATI Radeon
video, IDE drives, via-rhine ethernet, also attempting a network install.

Is this known?  I checked the bugs page but didn't see anything relevant.

-- Bob

Bob McElrath (rsmcelrath@students.wisc.edu) 
Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Physics

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