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3.0.19 bf2.4 install success

Architecture: i386 (Pentium II (Deschutes) 400.913)
Disk: IDE (WDC WD400BB-00AUA1, ATA DISK drive)
Video: nVidia Corporation Vanta [NV6] (rev 21)
NIC: Intel Corp. 82557 [Ethernet Pro 100] (rev 5)

using bf2.4 flavour, it installed nicely. using the framebuffer.

the one complaint, when formatting the partition (yes, i made it one
huge partition! - i'll resize it later) the scrolling of the bterm was
exceptionally slow. i think it completed the actual format by the time
it had printed the list of ``sueprblocks''

this was a very simple install, configured keyboard, installed the
drivers from floppy, added the eepro100 driver, got the base system from

this is the way an install _should_ go.

once i have this system set up, i can do some more strange installs, and
fire test the installer some more. (i am moving the amd k6-2/300 to
another location, and replacing it with the p2/400. i prefer amd, but i
did not make this purchase, so i get to live with it)

i saw a message on d-d about a debian boot logo? any chance of that?


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