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boot-floppies_3.0.19_arm.changes INSTALLED

bf-archive-install_3.0.19_arm.sh byhand
bf-cats_3.0.19_arm.tar.gz byhand
bf-doc_3.0.19_arm.tar.gz byhand
bf-lart_3.0.19_arm.tar.gz byhand
bf-misc_3.0.19_arm.tar.gz byhand
bf-netwinder_3.0.19_arm.tar.gz byhand
bf-riscpc_3.0.19_arm.tar.gz byhand
  to pool/main/b/boot-floppies/install-doc_3.0.19_arm.deb
Changes: boot-floppies (3.0.19) unstable; urgency=low
  * really notable changes:
    - reiserfs and udma100-ext3 flavors have been replaced with the new bf2.4
      flavor (using kernel 2.4.17)
    - support for "new-powermac" architecture
  * bugs closed by using new stuff from the archive;
    closes: #127524
  * Matt Kraai
    - tell pcmcia to use dhclient, closes: #125683
    - install the MBR on the first available IDE disk, closes: #119825
    - configure pcmcia interface properly, closes: #118997
  * Phil Blundell
    - fix for documentation display of non-English dbootstrap msgs
    - avoid comic situation at reboot time where the user is prompted
      to take the CD out of the drive, but the drawer is still locked
    - reformat French release notes for display (other languages still
      need checking), closes: #125646
    - check that LINGUA is set to C when LC is enabled, closes: #126035
    - enable Japanese on arm
    - try mounting floppy images with type "auto" first, closes: #94435
    - add support for new arm subarch "lart"; reorganise arm build a bit
    - enable LC on alpha
    - remove Greek keymap (it breaks the build with recent console-data)
    - correct LANGUAGE bogosity in dbootstrap_settings, closes: #127413
  * Adam Di Carlo
    - enable i18n for i386's reiserfs flavor, which was indicated as
      enabled before but really wasn't
    - reboot using the 'reboot' command rather than signalling PID 1,
      closes: #119834
    - require whiptail >= 0.50.17-9, closes: #125999
    - require debootstrap >= 0.1.16
  * Colin Walters
    - support for "new-powermac" architecture.  closes: #126489, #127955, #131409
    - Yaboot can now boot from XFS and ext3, so allow the user to make
      /boot with these filesystem types
    - kill any DHCP daemon running if the user chooses static networking,
      closes: #126205
    - minor rescue.sh cleanups, fixes
    - Add EXTRACT_LIST_powerpc_newpmac and SMALL_BASE_LIST_powerpc_newpmac
    - fix rootdisk.sh to install yabootwrapper for newpmac too
  * Eduard Bloch
    - when mounting DOS partitions, use vfat instead of msdos where possible,
      closes: #123973
    - added tune2fs to the extract list, maybe needed for ext3 conversion
    - enable i18n for i386's udma100-ext3 flavor, was a typo in
    - German translation updates
    - additional check to make sure that ext3 is supported before choosing it
    - Adapted messages for choose-target dialogs when making a problem report
    - bf2.4 integration: README, new rules in i386.rules
    - mkreiserfs in all flavors. Since we do have the space, the user should
      be used to replace the kernel and use reiserfs with any flavor
    - preliminary dbootstrap support for locales preinstallation
    - made a workaround to store the list of loaded modules in /etc/modules
    - updated libc version in rootdisk.sh to 2.2.5
    - dropped non-C message files from modconfs tarball (never used)
  * John H. Robinson, IV
    - when mounting partitions of type 82, test the actual filesystem type
    - trouble report log now gzipped
    - added ``livecd'' kernel and base system installation method
    - re-worked ``mounted'' kernel and base system installation method
    - Closes: #108477, #123926, #127521
  * Chris Tillman: documentation updates
    - revise BootX instructions for OldWorld Mac booting
    - add basedebs.tgz instructions, installation options
    - add link to MakeDebianFloppy AppleScript utility
    - PPP is not available until after base installation Closes: #127550
    - add powerpc to list of arches requiring 16M in main.c
    - fix minor build stop error, release.sh
    - Spelling, dangling prepositions in README-Users.m4 (no changes
      in meaning)
    - Change example of proprietary hardware (Closes: #129837)
    - add comments to pmac yaboot.conf (2 versions)
    - delete half-line from end of release notes, Closes: #127583
  * Guido Günther
    - use kernel 2.4.16 on mips
    - mips uses an uncompressed kernel called vmlinux
  * Junichi Uekawa
    - Japanese dbootstrap message updates
    - Japanese doc-check fixes
    - update release_notes in rootdisk/messages/ja/
    - change .cvsignore in utilities/dbootstrap/langs/ which contained
    *.xml, because that would ignore the necessary file "langs.xml"
  * André Luís Lopes: Portuguese updates
    - Removed two obsolete messages
    - Bring translation up-to-date with original english
    - Fix a fuzzy message.
  * Claus Hindsgaul: Danish updates
  * Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS: Esperanto updates
  * David Martínez: Spanish updates
  * David Hilvert
    - fix disk type, closes: #127370
  * Jordi Mallach:
    - Catalan updates
    - documentation fixes
    - Catalan documentation updates from Antoni Bella
    - Catalan translation of dselect-beginner from Antoni Bella
  * Marcin Owsiany
    - Polish updates (pl.po)
    - doc-check: warn instead of dying onn missing files
  * Daniel Kobras: more hints on booting mips via TFTP, Closes: #127436
  * Michael Sobolev
    - adapt language specification build process for the new python2.1-xml
      0.7-1 or better; closes: #127405
  * Richard Hirst
    - hppa: use uname() to determine subarch and modify default kernel and
      drivers path.  Closes: #128237
    - hppa: "new-powermac" changes stopped it compressing the kernel in
      rescue.bin; fixed.
    - ia64 now uses 2.4.17 kernel
  * Stefan Gybas
    - require debootstrap >= (fixed intctl patch, s390 fixes)
    - require busybox >= 0.60.2-3.1 (contains pidof)
    - s390 now uses kernel 2.4.16 and glibc 2.2.5
    - s390: use wc from busybox again
    - s390: fix interactive CTC setup. Closes: #129940
    - s390: remove /usr/lib/debootstrap/devices.tag.gz from initrd so that
      devfs will be mounted in /target
    - s390: new directory structure: one directory for VM reader and one
      for (emulated) tape installations
    - s390: create /etc/zipl.conf and /boot/parmfile
    - various other small s390 fixes
  * Kirk Hilliard
    - fix typo in README-Users.m4. Closes: #129470
  * Andre Luis Lopes: Portuguese updates
  * Karsten Merker
    - "new-powermac" changes broke ECOFF kernel handling in kernel.sh
      for mipsel and hppa; fixed
    - added DELO (DECstation bootloader) support in bootconfig.c
    - added mipsel section in the Maintainers file
    - added support for conversion of kernel images from ELF to ECOFF
      on mipsel; kernel-package 7.79 and newer delivers only ELF
    - mipsel documentation updates in hardware.sgml and
    - mipsel now uses kernel 2.4.17 and libc6 2.2.5
    - fixed documentation build problem for non-i386 platforms in
  * Christian Mock:
    - Check for bootargs.console being NULL in utilities/dbootstrap/baseconfig.c.
  * David Kimdon
    - Build-depend on bogl-bterm, locales, libpng2-dev on archs that
      do language chooser (Closes: #129037)
    - don't call strcmp on NULL pointer in select_not_mounted.c
    - on net install of drivers and kernel put files in proper
      directory (closes: #131121)
    - updates to release notes
    - doc, build updates for bf2.4
    - try to find a debian cdrom to optimize prompting (closes: #123948)
    - when selecting the 'unmounted partition' install method don't unmount
      the partition before we can do anything useful with it.
  * Michael Tiedtke
    - handle LILO installation location response correctly, closes: #120386

Thank you for your contribution to Debian.

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