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Re: bf2.4 in unstable

#include <hallo.h>
Adam Di Carlo wrote on Mon Feb 11, 2002 um 01:34:48PM:

> > Currently, the -3 version of the kernel is in the pool, which is IMHO
> > okay for the next release.
> Has it been tested?

I use it for my machines, and it is in Testing. Works, and no bug
reports so far.

> > What I am worried about is modconf. There were small bugs in the
> > description generating scripts, caused by wrong encoding of double
> > quotes. It's fixed in CVS and we should tag and release a new version
> > quickly, imho this week or so.
> Ok, anyone got this?

Modconf 0.2.41 should be released few days before boot-floppies. I could
do it next weekend or so.

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                                        -- #debian.de

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