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[patch] Updated brazilian portuguese (pt_BR) hardware.sgml translation


Here's another translation update. This time it's for
documentation/pt/hardware.sgml. It's the brazilian portuguese
translation of the original documentation/en/hardware.sgml.

I was able to bring this translation up-to-date with the original
english and I'm now using doc-check in order to keep it updated.

Could someone with CVS write access please check and apply ?

P.S.: I'd be glad if Adam Di Carlo (aph) could try one more time to
provide me with a write access CVS account so I won't bother people
every time asking for applying my changes. Adam ?

||  Andre Luis Lopes                   andrelop@ig.com.br               ||
||  Debian-BR Project                  http://debian-br.cipsga.org.br   ||
||  Personal Web Site                  http://www.utah.com.br/~andrelop ||      
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