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Bug#132990: flashing white screen continues


Some more info on this.  With the 3.0.19 i386 bf2.4 images I can 
reproduce the flashing screen of death on my p100,  Ben Armstrong gets
the screen problem on his c6-2/233 laptop (apparently a laptop version
of the k6-2) as well.

My laptop (AMD Athelon 4) doesn't exhibit the problem on the 3.0.19
bf2.4 images.

blade's images (built February second, pointed to in this bug report)
work on Ben's mahcine, and on my p100.

Current cvs build on up to date unstable machine yields flashing
screen-enabled floppies for bf2.4 flavor.

Sounds like the newt fun is back, at least for kernel 2.4.  

Strangely, idepci (current cvs build I just tested) doesn't exhibit
this behavior.


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