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HD detection Promise Ultra 100Tx2

Hello, I am new to Debian, but a long time linux user.  I wanted to 
install debian on a system with these basic specs:

Tyan Tiger MP w/ AMD Athlon MP 1800+ processors.
Promise Ultra 100 Tx2 controller with 2 HDD's (WD 100GB 7200RPM)
SB PCI 128 audio
Geforce 3 Ti 500 Graphics controller.
Sony DVD
Yamaha CD-RW
Zip 250

I started with 2.2r5 install disks, and they couldn't detect the 
Promise controller.  I checked the driver disks, and couldn't find the 
necessary module.  After some looking, I discovered that under your 
testing distribution there was a udma100 w/ ext3 floppy installation.  

	The problem:

Only one disk of the two are detected.  My intention is to make raid 
partitions to install on, so it is imperative that both are detected at 
boot time.  

FYI, I can verify that the drives get detected by the controllers bios, 
and I also installed RH7.2 (not meant as a slight) to this same machine 
using software RAID 0 with no problems.

Thanks for all your work, and let me know if I need to provide more info, 
or anything else.

Jim Wray
"I really regret inventing the Electoral College"  - Al Gore

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