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building boot-floppies 3.0.18


(This looks like a developers mailing-list. If there a more appropriate
place to post questions of this nature I certainly appologize, just
show me the way to it. Thanks.)

I'm trying to put together a custom CD. Not having any luck with the
Woody boot images, I thought I'd try building them from the boot-floppies
package...  Edit config,

        arches               := i386
        USE_LANGUAGE_CHOOSER := false
        KBD                  := qwerty/us

then, running 'debian/rules build',

I: extracting /archive/debian/download/var/cache/apt/archives/console-data\
to /var/tmp/boot-floppies/extract-tmp-27806
I: converting keymaps
unknown keysym `cent'
parse error

Woody pre-built images halt with "Invalid Release". How do I build a
Release file for my local archive (built using apt-move sync and update)?
Oddly enough, I get the same error no matter where I point 
(incl. ftp.debian.org).

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