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Re: debootstrap: option to install locales packages with the base stuff

Eduard Bloch wrote:
> I would like to see the attached patch included into debootstrap. The
> idea is: if you set a environment variable, it will install the locales
> package (and depending debconf package). 

Any progress on this?

> My plan is: the i18n enabled boot floppies call debootstrap with this
> environment, so locales are installed with the simplest configuration.
> Then we preset it's debconf settings to generate localisation files for
> the currently used locales (on boot floppies) and set this locale as
> default.

Makes sense so far.

> After the installation, when base-config will (as first) first force the
> reconfiguration of debconf


> then ask whether the user wishes to change
> the localisation settings and reconfigure locales pacakge.

Seems unneccessary.

> Another thing in this patch is pppoeconf. This could be enabled in
> base-config as alternative to pppconfig, since it configures DSL
> connection (what pppconfig does not) and is much simpler to use. And it
> has only 15kB size.

It's too late to do this for woody, IMHO. pppconfig has had relatively a
lot more testing. (haha.)

see shy jo

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