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Re: Bug#110717: Partitioning error, repartitioned, dinstall does not notice new partitioning afterward

On Sat, Feb 02, 2002 at 01:16:37AM -0800, David Kimdon wrote:
> Hi,
> It appears as though this bug is specific to the reiserfs and bf2.4
> flavor.  I just tried to reproduce it with a current idepci disk and
> could not.  I can reproduce it with current bf2.4 flavor and I
> reproduced it with reiserfs back in September.
> Is the following ioctl what you had in mind pb?  It doesn't make the
> problem go away, unfortunate.  The ioctl always returns -1 for me so
> maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I've got something similar going on in powerpc. I've got all the code
working for choosing and reading archives from a hard disk (just
waiting for 3.0.19 to check it in). There's just one glitch remaining.

To reproduce this glitch, I initialize a partition and install
kernel/modules from hard disk (which uses /instmnt). When it
completes, I verify that /instmnt has been umounted. Then I umount the
target partition, re-initialize it, and re-install the kernel/modules
from hard disk. After it completes the second time, /instmnt won't
umount (says it's busy) -- and nothing short of a reboot will get it
to. umount -f also fails from the second console. I verified using
lsof there are no open files. I suspect it might have something to do
with the failure of del_loop to delete the loop device after it's
been used ('cause I think the creation might take place when we are
chdir to /instmnt). But, why wouldn't it fail the first time then?

I don't think this is a serious problem, since most people wouldn't go
through this sequence and reboot is a small price to pay at this
stage. But I thought it might be somehow related.

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