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Re: Error messages

On Sun, 2002-01-27 at 20:52, I. Middlemas wrote:
> Here is what the partition table indicates:
> /dev/hda1       /target/boot    Linux native            5.12 MB
> /dev/hda2       swap            Linux swap              5.12 MB
> /dev/hda3       /target         Linux native            5.12 MB
> /dev/hda4       - not available -       DOS extended           (not sure 
> what happened here)
> /dev/hda5       /target/usr     Linux native            167.68 MB
> When I get to the "Install the Operating System Kernal and Modules" step, I 
> get the following two dialog boxes (usually on the second driver disk):
> Error
> Error writing to output file:  Success
> Continue

I suspect this means you ran out of space on some partition or other.  
When the error box occurs, try going to the second virtual terminal (ie
Alt-F2) and running "df".

A floppy drive problem is possible, but seems fairly unlikely if you
have already read in three disks successfully by the time it happens. 
Bad disks are also a possibility, but if you have tried fresh disks that
also doesn't seem all that hot a contender.


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