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cvs commit to tasksel/po by joeyh

Repository: tasksel/po
who:        joeyh
time:       Sun Jan 27 12:24:43 PST 2002
Log Message:
     * Include sawfish-gnome in desktop task so gnome will have a WM.
       Closes: #116609, #129999
     * Make the basic-desktop task incude all of x-window-system (so it gets a
       WM and xterm and so on), while the desktop task uses just
       x-window-system-core (because it already has a WM and so on from
       gnome and kde). Closes: #129217
     * Removed pydb from python task, because Colin Watson said to.
       Closes: #129520
     * it.po translation added, da.po added (Closes: #122668), ja.po updated.

changed:    ja.po

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