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Re: Disabling vga16 in the boot config

#include <hallo.h>
Michael Bramer wrote on Sun Jan 20, 2002 um 01:23:46AM:

> IMHO this is a Bug in boot-floopys. 

No, it is a bug in base-config. We did already discuss this on IRC -
dbootstrap stores the used language value, it is base-config's job to
use it.

> But after the reboot, debconf is in english (and not in german). Debconf
> have already translated messages and it support this on a normal system. 
> This english text is a bug. Maybe a unset LANG, maybe a LANG with a
> wrong value or a missing lib etc.

AFAIK, it is not easy to integrate i18n into base-config. First, locales
package is not installed by default. If you set the LANG value too
early, you will see bunch of Perl warnings. Better would be to enable
the language (if it is a latin language), and after the apt
configuration part, ask about the language. OTOH this uses debconf,
which requires additional configration. I would suggest this scheme:

a) dialog like "would you like to install localisation support?"
    presets the "locales" debconf entry to generate the locales of the
    own group, ie. all de_* locales for german language
b) "would you like to configure localisation for language profiles other
than default and <your lang>?"
    if yes, preset the "debconf" configuration to make it quiet
    if no, in the debconf database we set debconf verbosity level to
    "quit" (what was it? Importance to >= critical?)
b) a dialog like "as next, the localisation support will be installed
you will have the choice to generate support profiles for different
c) apt-get-install the "locales" package
d) reconfigure debconf

... continue with installation.


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