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Bug#122142: Happens here too

On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 06:30:58PM +0000, Richard Hirst wrote:
> I don't see that with serial console on ia64 or hppa.  I wonder if b-f
> has simply failed to realise that it is running on a serial port.  From
> dbootstrap/main.c
>     /* Are we on a serial console? */
>     if (ioctl(0, TIOCGSERIAL, &ser) < 0)
>       /* Not on a serial console */
>       serialConsole = -1;
>     else {
>       /* Serial console on ttySx */
>       serialConsole = ser.line;
>       INFOMSG("serial console found on line %d", serialConsole);
>     }

Could be.  That's what it looks like, that the trigger for doing stuff
on the serial port is not happening.

Remember, this was on a Sun Netra T1.  They have serial ports but the
serial ports are also LOMs so I don't know if that changes them in any

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