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Re: [i386] introducing a kernel 2.4 installation flavor

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 01:02:12AM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> Contras:
>  - see above. Someone may say, 2.4.x is less stable. 

Then they can use one of the 2.2.x boot-floppy flavours that we'd still
be building, can't they?

>  * "bf2.4" with kernel-image-2.4.17-bf2.4. This package is created by me
>    with following assumptions:
>    - merged from current vanilla, udma100-ext3 and reiserfs
>    - have at least the same drivers as reiserfs flavor
>    - be at most as big as udma100-ext3
>    - with framebuffer and i18n

What flavours would this leave us with, and what machines would they be for?
I was imagining something like:

	<plain> - 2.2, boots everywhere, lots of drivers, a bit complicated
	<safe> - same as plain, but works even more places
	<idepci> - 2.2, boots on all modern equipment with IDE, easy
	<compact> - 2.2, boots on all modern equipment with SCSI or IDE, easy
	<2.4> - 2.4, works on modern machines, handles ext3+reiser, easyish

Hrm. Is there really any point keeping <safe> and <plain> separate? Is
the "safe, slow and stupid" version of SYSLINUX really so slow or stupid
that we need a separate set of disks just to avoid it?

Also, is there much real difference between <idepci> and <compact>? Can
<idepci> do anything <compact> can't, or is it any easier to use? If not,
can it be dumped for <compact>?

Having "works-on-modern-systems (2.2.x)", "works-on-modern-systems
(2.4.x)" and "works-everywhere (2.2.x)" flavours and nothing else would
be fairly simple and elegant, if it can be done without too much hassle.

In any case, assuming we're keeping all the 2.2 flavours we currently
have except for ext3 and reiser, I think that sounds pretty good, and I
can't see how it'd cause problems for anyone.

aj, who was hoping someone would do this

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