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Re: Disabling vga16 in the boot config

On Sat, Jan 12, 2002 at 07:20:15PM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> Look, vga16 fb driver is built-in into the kernels of our i18n
> flavors and loads automaticaly. The user is not able to use another
> framebuffer driver from module, not without specifying the
> video=vga16:off parameter to prevent the vga16 driver from beeing
> loaded. The question is: should we let the vga16 driver be enabled and
> let the users find out how to turn it of (if they want to use another
> framebuffer driver), or should we put this option into the default
> lilo.conf file so it is turned off unless the user specifies another
> thing.

Right, I understand now.

My feeling is that loading modules to get accelerated fbcon support is
pretty much a "power user" kind of thing to do, and it doesn't seem
too unreasonable to expect these people to figure out how to disable
vga16fb.  In reality, they are probably building their own kernels anyway
in which case the problem won't arise.

Adding a note to the documentation, or some low-priority debconf message,
seems like a reasonable enough idea.


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