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Bug#127677: boot-floppies: problems with reinstalling base-system

tags 127677 + wontfix

Tomas Pospisek <tpo@sourcepole.ch> writes:

> while trying to somehow find a basedebs.tgz

Why were you even looking for it?  Why didn't you follow the normal
"install the base system" steps?

> I erroneously installed a powerpc basedebs.tgz on a i386
> machine. Once I understood what went wrong I (after 4h of
> searching!) found a i386 basedebs.tgz and installed it. But somehow
> the install system was not able to replace the old/wrong installed
> basesystem with the new/correct one. It would keep the old one in
> place. So I had to manually "rm -R" everything away, otherwise the
> new basedebs.tgz would not be installed.  *t

What are you asking for exactly?  How could we possibly remove all the
files from the mis-installed base system?

I don't think this is a valid bug, marking it so.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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