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cvs commit to base-config/lib by joeyh

Repository: base-config/lib
who:        joeyh
time:       Tue Dec 25 18:12:21 PST 2001
Log Message:
     * I'm _really_ not sure if this belongs in testing or not. Probably not.
     * Don't ask about emoving pcmcia if pcmcia-cs is not installed. Thanks to
       Matt Krai. Closes: #125831 Note that some arch's don't have pcmcia at all,
       so this is a nice feature.
     * Also don't bother asking about that if it's not a new install.
     * Have script log timing data as well. This makes it possible to play
       back a whole base-config run in real-time. Closes: #121286
       There's also a replaylog hack in the source package that replays one
       screen-worth at a time, which is sometimes more useful.
     * Typo, Closes: #126219

changed:    Tag: woody-tree 25pcmcia 40apt-setup

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