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Bug#122940: marked as done (mips doesnt have 2.0 kernel / no need for kernel 2.0 fs compat)

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From: Florian Lohoff <flo@rfc822.org>
To: submit@bugs.debian.org
Subject: mips doesnt have 2.0 kernel / no need for kernel 2.0 fs compat
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Package: boot-floppies
Version: 3.0.15-2001-10-19
Severity: minor

the debian boot-floppies for mips/mipsel show the fs compatibilty
question for the ext2 filesystems although there is nothing like
a kernel 2.0 on SGI or the Decstations - Please eliminate the question.

Florian Lohoff                  flo@rfc822.org             +49-5201-669912
Nine nineth on september the 9th              Welcome to the new billenium

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From: Adam Di Carlo <aph@debian.org>
To: 122940-close@bugs.debian.org
X-Katie: $Revision: 1.66 $
Subject: Bug#122940: fixed in boot-floppies 3.0.18
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Sender: James Troup <troup@auric.debian.org>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 14:31:56 -0500
Delivered-To: 122940-close@bugs.debian.org

We believe that the bug you reported is fixed in the latest version of
boot-floppies, which has been installed in the Debian FTP archive:

bf-archive-install_3.0.18_i386.sh byhand
bf-common_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-doc_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-images-1.20_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-images-1.44_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-images-2.88_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-misc_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz byhand
  to pool/main/b/boot-floppies/boot-floppies_3.0.18.dsc
  to pool/main/b/boot-floppies/boot-floppies_3.0.18.tar.gz
  to pool/main/b/boot-floppies/boot-floppies_3.0.18_all.deb
  to pool/main/b/boot-floppies/install-doc_3.0.18_i386.deb

A summary of the changes between this version and the previous one is

Thank you for reporting the bug, which will now be closed.  If you
have further comments please address them to 122940@bugs.debian.org,
and the maintainer will reopen the bug report if appropriate.

Debian distribution maintenance software
Adam Di Carlo <aph@debian.org> (supplier of updated boot-floppies package)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 14:46:40 -0500
Source: boot-floppies
Binary: boot-floppies install-doc
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 3.0.18
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Adam Di Carlo <aph@debian.org>
 boot-floppies - Scripts to create the Debian installation system
 install-doc - Documentation for Debian installation and release notes
Closes: 72479 78750 80942 109455 118557 120480 120637 121065 121186 122184 122407 122719 122720 122869 122940 123167 123388 123571 123623 123661 124107 124143
 boot-floppies (3.0.18) unstable; urgency=high
   * we are still building against unstable since there some things there
     that we need and the build doesn't seem to work too well using
     packages from woody
   * this version introduces i18n for the following architectures:
       i386 (for the flavors compact, idepci, reiserfs and udma100-ext3,
             which have kernel framebuffer support)
     Since we can't include all the languages we support, we had to define
     a smaller list of supported languages by default:
        en pt de pl fr es ja sv it hu
     Folks building their own sets can change this list in the top-level
     'config' file; our choices here were based on the linux users per
     country data at http://counter.li.org/reports/short.php?orderby=users#table
     closes: #80942
   * updates to kernels we use:
       alpha uses 2.2.20 kernel images
       sparc moved to 2.2.20; sun4u moved to 2.4.16
       i386 moved to 2.2.20
       (powerpc still at 2.2.19 because pcmcia-modules-2.2.20-pmac not available)
       mipsel moved to 2.4.16
   * David Kimdon
     - report failure if dhclient cannot configure the interface,
       closes: #109455
     - more Danish documentation and messages thanks to
       Claus Hindsgaul <claus_h@image.dk>
     - lots and lots of Danish translations thanks to Morten Bo Johansen
       and  Claus Hindsgaul <claus_h@image.dk>
     - fr.po update thanks to Martin Quinson <Martin.Quinson@ens-lyon.fr>
     - remember gateway on the second pass through network configuration
     - fix badly broken language chooser, closes: #120637
     - on i18n builds put libnewt-utf8-0 on rootdisk in place of libnewt0
     - fix i386 build rules so the modules on the rootdisk match the kernel
     - i18n some strings that missed out
   * Claus Hindsgaul
     - fixups for MSG-NO and MSG-YES, new entities for defaults.ent, remove
       orphaned dbootstrap.sgml form doc-check
     - replace "ø" (unsupported in CP437) in Danish boot messages with
       Swedish "ö", and remove da from the latin1 list in conf, since
       it did not seem to work anyway
     - Small spelling errors in english boot-new.sgml
     - Danish documentation updates, thanks to Morten Bo Johansen
     - updated Italian dbootstrap translation by Eugenia Franzoni
     - modify 'make lint-docs' to verify all architectures
       modify 'make lint-all-lang-docs' to verify all architectures
       remove 'make lint-all-arch-all-lang-docs' (use lint-all-lang-docs)
     - Update URLs to kernel-traffic and "Definition of Open Source"
     - Initial Danish release-notes translation
     - Update kernel versions in docs to match config
   * Stefan Gybas
     - use $ldlib in mklibs.py
     - s390: use mklibs.py instead of mklibs.sh for library reduction
     - include lsmod on initrd
     - include ASCtoEBC and EBCtoASC in partbl_ibm.c, they are no longer in
     - fixed detection of point-to-point interfaces
     - s390: rewrote netsetup to be more modular, each network module can
       now provide a module specific script in /usr/share/netsetup/ for
       the chandev/module parameter configuration
     - s390: install netsetup.sh as sbin/netsetup
     - s390: don't modify etc/passwd on the initrd any longer
     - s390: reduce initrd size as modules from a second initrd are now
       symlinked instead of copied.
     - s390: Always offer to format a newly attached DASD to avoid problems
       if a previously used VM minidisk was resized
     - s390: Make /sbin/fdisk a symlink to fdasd
     - s390: Don't ask for bad block scan when formatting a DASD
     - use $MIRRORS instead of $s390_url to download the s390 udeb kernel
     - s390: Copy /root/.profile from s390-specials instead of changing
       the one from base-files
     - s390: use mini-inetd from the tcputils package instead of netkit-inetd
     - s390: Use grep, ping and hostname from busybox >=1:0.60.2-2. This
       version fixed a bug in grep's return code for binary files
     - s390: Use ifconfig instead of ifup in netsetup.sh
     - various other minor s390 fixes
   * Adam Di Carlo
     - fix a number of other i18n build issues
     - 'make clean' and 'make distclean' act more consistently
     - powerpc build was broken in last version, removing yaboot.conf which
       is now in CVS and not downloaded at build time
     - fix some root*.bin build dependancy problems
     - i386 reiserfs and udma100-ext3 flavors were not being built with
       revext set properly, thus they were not getting the proper pcmcia
       modules and such, closing part of #118999
     - i386 release.sh: split images-2.88 as its own tarball,
       bf-common*.tar.gz was getting too large
     - bogl-related stuff must be 0.1.8-1 or better
     - in i136/i18n build, don't allow reduction libnewt*-pic, since i386
       uses a mixed i18n and non-i18n build
     - require newt 0.50.17-9 or better both for building and root.bin
     - dbootstrap: when you mount an existing root partition with
       /lib/modules on it, we adjust the rootdisk /lib/modules to it and
       run depmod -a; this helps when you're restarting an aborted
     - dbootstrap: suppress message to testers if we're 'quiet'
     - dbootstrap: clear the screen properly in i18n and non-i18n
       closes: #124143
     - normal doc build uses docs.stamp to prevent it from getting rebuilt
       all the time in incremental builds
     - dbootstrap: improved info messages when it first starts
     - require debiandoc-sgml 1.1.53 or better, has locale for Catalan
     - require newest busybox, closes: #124107
   * Ethan Benson
     - recent portability patch to mklibs.py requires python 2 so
       Build-depend on python-dev (>= 2.1.1-4), python2.1-xml
     - fix utilities/dbootstrap/langs/Makefile: PYTHON_VERSION=2.1
     - mklibs.py now seems to work on powerpc, use it now
   * Christian T. Steigies
     - do not ship outdated m68k quickinstall docs
     - m68k uses 2.2.20 kernel-images
   * Carlos Barros: Spanish updates
   * David Martinez: Spanish updates
   * Andre Luis Lopes: Portuguese updates
   * Gerhard Tonn
     - s390 changes: make netsetup.sh more quiet and save gateway information
            from initial netsetup
   * Phil Blundell
     - fall back to single language mode if fbcon isn't available at runtime
     - fix naming of sparc driver disks in dbootstrap, closes: #118557
     - enable language chooser for ARM
     - try to fix unloading of pcmcia modules, closes: #120480
     - warn the user if trying to install on a machine with too little RAM
     - revert to using zip for ARM build of riscpcs install kit
     - enable kmod while modconf is running, closes: #78750
     - correct path to root.bin in udma100-ext3 install.bat, closes: #122869
     - added i386-specials/mini-iso.sh for bootable CD creation;
       this is just for your enjoyment, not officially provided or
       supported by anyone
     - try harder to suppress modconf i18n in UTF-8 environment,
       closes: #121186
     - stop LC offering languages that have no catalog
     - improve layout of net-fetch dialog box when i18n in use,
       closes: #123388
     - print a register dump if dbootstrap segfaults in debug mode
   * Chris Tillman
     - add notes for single-language builders, powerpc-specials always en
     - reorganize floppy booting section, add boot-floppy-hfs,
       closes: #121065
     - add keyboard choice and append= line (tks Branden),
       closes: #122407
     - add Sun workstation clues, closes: #72479
     - increase memory needed for powerpc to 16M
     - add doc entities for kernel-version & default-2.2
     - add note about possibly too much memory
     - cleanup release notes and put in chronological order
     - add note for broken OldWorld G3's - System Disk utility
     - add BootX instructions for booting the installer,
       closes: #123571, #123623
   * Stephen Marenka
     - i386 and powerpc specifics for replacing kernel on rescue floppy
   * Pawel Tecza: updated Polish translation of dselect-beginner
   * Jordi Mallach
     - Catalan translation of dbootstrap and bootdisk help screens.
     - updates to rescue disk messages.
     - Catalan translation of Install Manual (Antoni Bella, Ingrid Peiró and
   * Guido Günther
     - mips documentation updates
     - add mips-specials/.cvsignore
     - set notInstalledLILO=0 after running dvhtool
     - don't call make_boot_floppy on mips(el)
   * Eduard Bloch:
     - set a sticky reference to /boot/boot-menu.b, since newer lilo packages
       create the symlink in the postinst and this may fail,
       closes: #122184
     - minor de.po updates
     - corrected the memory size in the no-swap warning message,
       closes: #123167
   * Mark van Walraven:
     - dbootstrap: when mounting on /var/tmp, use special perms, just like
       we do on /tmp
     - dbootstrap create user settings files on target root during kernel
       install step, instead of when target root is first mounted
   * Richard Hirst:
     - hppa now uses libc 2.2.4
     - ia64: grab elilo.efi from a deb, not the build system
     - ia64: add "cdrom" to bootargs
   * Junichi Uekawa:
     - Japanese translation updates for ja.po
     - change utilities/dbootstrap/langs/japanese.src to a decent content.
   * Matt Kraai:
     - don't ask about 2.0 filesystem compatibility on mips,
       closes: #122940
     - don't talk about virtual consoles if using a serial console,
       closes: #122719
     - don't let ioctl.save mess up serial console settings,
       closes: #122720
   * Andre Luis Lopes <andrelop@ig.com.br>: Brazilian updates
   * John H. Robinson, IV:
     - proper extract/base list selection for i386 flavors
     - udbootstrap now checks if console is serial or not, closes: #123661
     - added quiet flag for mkreiserfs, so it does not use so much tty
       output. significant speed increase.
   * Colin Walters:
     - Increase size of kver buffer.
     - Describe netbooting better, and fix some bugs and typos in documentation.
   * Karsten Merker: mipsel updates
     - kernel.sh: fix kernel image name due to change in kernel-package 7.75
     - dbootstrap: extended subarch detection for DECstations
     - documentation updates
 192a570672a1af8d9bb628784eac7f63 1425 devel extra boot-floppies_3.0.18.dsc
 1af5f794b03963c7a424b2d605349aa7 3517162 devel extra boot-floppies_3.0.18.tar.gz
 02a1f348b9945461744918ba78a20720 3726900 devel extra boot-floppies_3.0.18_all.deb
 08eea17b3b966b0c8ed605c178ca67f6 1076 byhand - bf-archive-install_3.0.18_i386.sh
 0648d5881b472de7a04c7cd69982c14a 21727805 byhand - bf-common_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz
 e3096fd05cbb2f00fa9a49b5bcd4d3e3 5357894 byhand - bf-doc_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz
 c2f2f033a7bdaa192f7b38b333989d3d 8710001 byhand - bf-images-1.20_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz
 422b8892300fd21299c4e300aa3edf8e 27196280 byhand - bf-images-1.44_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz
 0697d7c87f4d4addfe40bfab2f3486d2 11197390 byhand - bf-images-2.88_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz
 a33e862b5a4c16ee0516f1be78f0cca7 1103418 byhand - bf-misc_3.0.18_i386.tar.gz
 a7605aa5051f61bbb87e93f74809517c 5463306 doc extra install-doc_3.0.18_i386.deb

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