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Re: [patch] Updated brazilian portuguese (pt_BR) dbootstrap's pt.po

On Sun, Dec 16, 2001 at 11:15:50PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> andrelop@ig.com.br (Andre Luis Lopes) writes:
> > Could someone apply this one too ?
> It doesn't apply cleanly:

Sorry. Now it's tested (see bellow).

[ ... ]

> Can you fix that and resend please?

Fixed and attached to this message.

> > * Fixed the CVS merge problem introduced by the last update (I guess).
> There is no such conflict messages in CVS.

I got an error message while trying to do a cvs update the last time. The
error was about merge problems between some versions (I can't remeber the
exact error message right now).

> > Is that correct ?
> Apparently.


> > Is that obsolete message really nothing to bother with
> > ?
> Well, it's just useless at this point, so it's nice to save space by
> removing it.

Couldn't figure out which exact message is useless. I'll do that in the
next update. By now, the attached gzipped patch seems to work fine here.
At least it was applied fine in my tests.

André Luís Lopes
Utah Linuxcenter

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