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Re: latest boot floppies

Please, reports should go to the b-f list.

Dave Restall - System Administrator <dave@restall.net> writes:

> I then chose the options and mounted disks etc.  The disks were formatted
> last night with the previous floppies, I _SHOULD_ have re done the whole
> thing from scratch today but forgot - Sorry :-(
> After downloading kernel & driver modules, the next choice presented is
> "Configure Device Driver Modules".  Selecting this gives a "Problem"
> window that says :-
> 	'No modules were found in /target/lib/modules/2.2.20-compact
> 	that could be configured.  Please install the kerenel modules
> 	first by running the "Configure Device Driver Modules" step'
> Erm, that's what I am doing :-)

Probably because you had installed already kernel and modules from a
different flavor or kernel?  Or else you suffered from a logic
reversal problem in the code I fixed last night which meant that
/lib/modules symlink wasn't being made correctly when existing root is

It would be nice if we could detect whether a root has been mounted
but the kernel/modules there are from a different flavor.  That might
be worth a wishlist bug if anyone cares to file it.

> As I expected that there probably were no modules that I required anyway,
> I simply skipped this stage and went to "Install base system".  I was
> prompted to use the "Woody" installation and chose it.  Then the screen
> defaulting to us.debian.org etc.  I'd like to use a local mirror but am
> unsure whether it is the right thing while testing, e.g. it may not be
> as up to date as the official site.
> After installing the base system,

You managed to install base?!

> the top window disappeared and the
> "Choose the language" window was left.

Known bug, #124117.

> I again chose English and then
> was given the "Release Notes" page with a continue button.  On pressing
> return, the installation main menu re-appeared with the default option as
> "Make System Bootable" so I did.
> This then blacked the screen, then went back to blue screen and the
> "Choose The Language" menu.


> Again, I selected English, got the "Release Notes" menu and a "continue"
> button which brought me back to the installation main menu with the
> "Make System Bootable" option as the top option.  I didn't want to do
> this again so I went to the "Alternate: Reboot the System" option.
> The system didn't reboot :-(  It came up with "No Operating System found"
> which is a BIOS message.
> I then rebooted the system from the rescue floppy and the root disk,
> selected English, turned on swap, remounted the drives and tried making
> the system bootable again.  This time, I was prompted for the drive to
> write the boot on so I chose SDA (the default option).  Then I rebooted
> the box and got da da da da da da daaaaaa "Congratulations you have
> succesfully installed Debian".

That's interesting that you got the lilo configuration to work by
trying over and over again!

> In the end, I got there but it's probably not the easiest/most
> stratightforward O/S installation and would probably but a neophyte off,
> but it is close to being there.  I didn't encounter anything that I
> thought was bad, basically what I found were cosmetic errors, HOWEVER I
> have been installing Debian since its inception and don't mind fiddling,
> somebody new to Linux/Debian may have a bad experience.

Well, we really need to get 124117 and flashing screen issues.

No new issues in this report, which is a good thing I guess... :)

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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