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allowing "mount -t auto" as fallback

#include <hallo.h>
Tom Wzietek wrote on Fri Dec 14, 2001 um 07:34:23AM:

> loadlin.exe, linux, root.bin, rescue.bin and drivers.tgz onto a FAT32
> partition which will co-exist with my woody installation. I chose this

Hm. Microsoft was very clever and invented different partition types for
FAT. Our autodetection routines may fail sometimes. I think we could
make a workaround relying on the autodetection of the filesystem. Has
anyone a better idea? I think this should work:

--- choose_medium.c	2001/11/03 15:28:01	1.118
+++ choose_medium.c	2001/12/14 13:29:58
@@ -931,8 +931,8 @@
 #ifndef _TESTING_
     snprintf(prtbuf, sizeof(prtbuf),
-	     "mount -t %s %s %s " CM_MOUNTPOINT_DIR, 
-	     type, (disqtype == problem_report ? "" : "-r"), p->name);
+	     "mount -t %s %s %s || mount %s %s" CM_MOUNTPOINT_DIR, 
+	     type, (disqtype == problem_report ? "" : "-r"), p->name, (disqtype == problem_report ? "" : "-r"), p->name);
     if (execlog(prtbuf, LOG_INFO)) {
       problemBox(_("The partition was not mounted successfully."),
 		 _("Mount Failed"));

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