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reiserfs notes

i am doing this mostly for documentation. i should probably file

all issues listed affect the reiserfs flavour: 

1) no mkfs.reiserfs in the root.bin
   unable to create a reiserfs partition (this is very defeatest of the
   whole flavour)
   (could be an artifact of my abreiviated build process)

2) Install Kernel and Driver Modules ->
    harddisk   : partition on the hard disk ->
     /dev/hda6: Linux native (happens to be reiserfs) ->
      Mount Failed (The partition was not mounted successfully.)

   i assume it tried to mount as ext2, because when i drop to a shell, i
   am able to mount it succesfully:
   # mount /dev/hda6 /mnt

   will probably have to try this again, on a ``real'' console to find
   the problem, serial console's error reporting is a bit sparse.

3) ftp.us.debian.org seems to be out of date, the modules installed were


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