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Re: support for non-interactive installs

pjordan@whitehorse.blackwire.com wrote:
> Well with the latest release of base-config-1.33.4,
> my trick of putting "db_set" statements in /root/dbootstrap_settings
> is now broken, with base-config dying saying db_set command not found.
> It worked fine in base-config-1.33.
> So this is what my dbootstrap_setting would look like:
> DEBIAN_FRONTEND=Noninteractive
> db_set apt-setup/mirror sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch

<sounds of retching>

I'm sorry, but I cannot guarentee that such disgusting hacks will
continue to work accross new versions of base-config. Especially when
I'm not even told about them in advance.

> So anyway, if this is not 'the way' to do it, what is ?

Have you tried reading base-config(8)? The IMPLEMENTATION section
describes how anything can drop a script into base-config's directory,
and it will be run along with every other script in base-config. You can
thus drop in a nice little script that sets up the debconf database
however you like, and that runs before base-config has done any

I designed, erm, I mean, threw this together, explicitly to support
folks like you who are trying to do noninteractive installs and other
interesting stuff.

> What would you seasoned debian developers recommend ?

Generally and specifically, RTFM, if the FM doesn't allow you do do what
you want, file a bug or get in communication with the maintainer.

see shy jo

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