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Re: Release-notes udma100-ext3

Søndag den 9. december 2001 13:59 skrev Philip Blundell:
> Neither.  The current flavours are vanilla, idepci, compact, reiserfs and
> udma100-ext3.

This should be corrected. The existing description of 'ide'/'udma66' is:

Very similar to `vanilla', except it includes Andre Hedrick's IDE
patches to support UDMA66 devices.

Can anyone comment on the following suggestion:

Very similar to 'vanilla', except it includes support for the Promise and 
Highpoint EIDE chipsets used e.g. on modern boards with VIA chipsets. Also, 
support the ext3fs (journaling for ext2) is included. It is fully backwards 
compatible with ext2.


Claus Hindsgaul
claus_h@image.dk (PGP-nøgle: http://www.image.dk/~claus_h/PGP.htm )

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