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Problems with network install of rescue.bin

Using boot-floppies 3.0.17-2001-11-18 on i386 to install testing.

When trying to download rescue.bin over the network, dbootstrap used the


That is, just appending images-1.44/rescue.bin to the archive URL.  Earlier
in the process, of course, I had selected 'testing', and debootstrap
successfully downloaded and installed the base .debs from the correct

To work around the problem, in the URL dialog, I replaced:

http://my.mirror/debian (the default value)



which allowed rescue.bin and drivers.tgz to be downloaded correctly.

After it was downloaded, I got an error:

                                Mount Failed 
          Unable to mount the Rescue Floppy.  You may have inserted     
          the wrong floppy.  Please try again.                          

and then:

                           Select Floppy Disk Drive 
          Please select the floppy drive you will use to read the        
          Rescue Floppy.                                                 
                      /dev/fd0  : first floppy drive                     
                      /dev/fd1  : second floppy drive                    
Of course, I don't want either of these; I want to use the image I just
downloaded.  Are these known problems?

 - mdz

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