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Bug#122738: boot-floppies can't handle devfs

Dan, I'm told that the standard kernel-image-2.4.16-* for the powerpc
subarches are compiled with devfs.  Is this true?

Unfortunately boot-floppies doens't currently support devfs.  Colin
found an issue with parsing of /proc/partitions, but I'm afraid that's
probably just the tip of the iceburg.  Getting devfs support into
boot-floppies would set us back at least 2 months.

Normally it wouldn't matter since boot-floppies wasn't using 2.4
kernels for powermac for instance, but I'm told that the new Mac
require the 2.4 line.  So at this time we're putting some effort into
a pmac-2.4 subarch for boot-floppies.  I don't want to leave all those
people with the new Mac hardware without the ability to install

We do already support 2.4 kernels, but it would be a lot easier to get
this new pmac-2.4 subarch going if we didn't have to also contend with

So -- do you think your images could perhaps be provided without
devfs?  Or, perhaps we should use the benh patches as a set of 2.4
kernel images for powerpc, trying to update and improve that?

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