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Documentation: from fdisk man page; Is this in the install manual?

 This is important information and I wonder if it is mentioned in the
 installation manual (for Intel arch)?  If not, it should be, IMO.

       If possible, fdisk will obtain the disk geometry automati-
       cally.  This is not necessarily the physical disk geometry
       (indeed,  modern  disks do not really have anything like a
       physical geometry, certainly not  something  that  can  be
       described in simplistic Cylinders/Heads/Sectors form), but
       is the disk geometry that MS-DOS uses  for  the  partition

       Usually  all  goes well by default, and there are no prob-
       lems if Linux is the only system on the disk. However,  if
       the disk has to be shared with other operating systems, it
       is often a good idea to let an fdisk from another  operat-
       ing  system  make at least one partition. When Linux boots
       it looks at the partition table, and tries to deduce  what
       (fake)  geometry  is  required  for  good cooperation with
       other systems.
           -- fdisk man page.

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