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Re: Bug#122750: base-config: Serial console installation fails to set securetty properly

I think probably boot-floppies (more specifically, dbootstrap/baseconfig.c) is 
the right place.  I'm guessing that you only want to put the serial console in
/etc/securetty by default if that was the console used to install the system 
in the first place.


In message <[🔎] 20011206222952.GA18172@kitenet.net>, Joey Hess writes:
>reassign 122750 login
>This is a bit far afrild for base-config. OTOH, I don't know what
>_should_ do it. If not login, perhaps this bug should be assigned to the
>boot-floppies or debootstrap.
>KOVACS Richard wrote:
>> Package: base-config
>> Version: 1.33
>> Severity: important
>> ttyS0 does not get into /etc/securetty during installation
>> -> root cannot log in on serial console

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