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A Good Network Topology, including a LinkSyS Router, DSL, 100Mbit Hub

My first question is there any website that gives basic network topologies for in networks
connected to the internet?  I am looking for the best possible way of setting up a
network with SPEED and SECURITY as the primary concerns.
My routrer, hub, UTP and NICS rated for 100Mbps. Some times the connection to the
internet is fast and other times it is extremely slow. Did a couple of benchmark tests
online at "dslreports.com" and it reported that my line sucks for DSL. The download rate
was 86Kbps and upload 133kbps. That averages out to a tenth of the network capacity.
Overall my DSL from my provider is suppose to reach speeds of 768kbps.
My network config is something like the below. Any suggestions?
  (                 )                         -----------|              |-----------| - - - - - - -[]PC
 (  INTERNET  )  =========     modem ---------------router    - - - - - - - - - - - -[]PC
  (                )                          -----------|              |-----------| - - - - - - -[]PC

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