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Packages.gz and Packages corrupted


I am trying to install Woody for i386 from the Web and, when installing
the Base System, I get error messages saying that, both,  Packages.gz
and Packages files are corrupted.

I am ussing a set of 1.44Mb disks downloaded last Nov.21 (it looks like
the ones in the server today are the same) and they worked OK then.

I have tried at different mirrors: http.us.debian.org ftp.debian.org
ftp.es.debian.org ftp.rediris.es ftp.uk.debian.org  (updated at
different dates: Nov. 2,3 and 4th) and there is the same error always.

After the error, downloading continues an things appear to work but...

As checksums are in the Packages files, it could even be that some
malicious had touch them.


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