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Bug#121110: boot-floppies: TFTP boot on Alpha broken

> No, I don't think this is related to the problem reported in 121110.
> I'm guessing 121110 has been fixed along with bug#116829 -- the
> problem was the way that busybox init and telinit didn't get along
> together in the context when init wasn't pid 1.
> I don't think the "fix" you outlined will fix anything.
> Assuming the good alpha folks are installing over the network, they
> should be using sysvinit 2.84-1, in which case, this bug should have
> already gone away.

I think your right there.  My "fix" does fix something else though.
It fixes reboot when in initrd, which doesn't work without
the fix.

I'll post a bugreport against busybox.

I mixed up the two bugs in my mind cause they both disappeared at the
same time for me, prob. when the new sysvinit came out and I started using
my patched busybox.


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