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Re: testing boot floppies 3.0.18

Nice clear review, Jeff.

On Mon, Nov 26, 2001 at 03:30:40PM -0500, Jeff Sheinberg wrote:
>     o The default lilo configuration makes it impossible to
>     interactive with lilo at boot time.  This is really a poor
>     choice for the default.  Instead, the default lilo
>     configuration should contain these commands in the lilo.conf
>     file,
>         prompt
>         timeout 300

Just press CapsLock or ScrollLock (or hold down Shift) before LILO
runs to get a "LILO: " prompt.  However, forcing a prompt by default
does seems a little friendlier.

I think 30 seconds is excessive - two seconds is fine even for my
diminished reaction speeds.

>     In addition, the custom boot floppy takes about 90 seconds to
>     be read when it is booted, compared to only 30 seconds for the
>     rescue.bin boot floppy.  Since the rescue.bin image is used to

That sounds like a problem with the floppy's interleave factor.  Can
you try a more conservative interleave?  What was the interleave on the
rescue floppy?



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