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Bug#121186: boot-floppies: modconf, dbootstrap and bterm don't play well together

In message <[🔎] E168FqK-0007t2-00@oink>, David Kimdon writes:
>The root problem appears to be that /dev/tty isn't available to processes
>running in a bterm.

Well, I've spent most of this evening just trying to get i18n'd boot-floppies to start on my i386 box.  Turns out that the 2.2.19 kernels don't seem to be able 
to do fbcon on my video card (an nVidia Geforce2), and this is a completely 
fatal situation -- bterm just prints "/dev/fb0: no such device" and you never 
get anywhere at all.  I'll try to do something about that in a minute.

As to the original bug, I think the problem is that bterm is failing to set
a controlling tty up.  Can you try uncommenting the TIOCSCTTY call in bterm.c::spawn_shell() and see if that makes any difference for you?  I don't
quite understand what makes it work in the non-i18n case, but still. 

>I tried a few hacks like removing the /dev/tty redirection from
>modconf (complete failure), and redirecting to other tty's (sort of worked, but
>isn't really acceptable since user would have to do alt-f4 to use modconf, and
>then alt-f1 when it is finished).

Did you try /dev/tty0?  That's still a hack, but it might be a good enough
workaround to get us out of this particular hole.


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