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Bug#119613: [fw: Re: re: localhost not set]

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From: 120@namtax.fsnet.co.uk
Subject: Re: re: localhost not set
To: David Kimdon <David_Kimdon@alumni.hmc.edu>
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> From: David Kimdon <David_Kimdon@alumni.hmc.edu>
> Date: Thu 22/Nov/2001 07:28 GMT
> To: 119613@bugs.debian.org,  Frankie <frankie@namtax.fsnet.co.uk>
> Subject: re: localhost not set
> Hi,
> Can I assume based on the footer of the bug report that the problem
> you are reporting is with a potato (Debian 2.2) install?

It was an install from stable(cant remember whether thats woody or potato) that didn't set everything up correctly.

I've previously installed it without having that problem, but I can't work out anything that was different about that install.'


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