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Install report, using latest CVS floppies

Ok, so using the floppies I just managed to build to install a new

The floppies use Catalan directly, no LANG_CHOOSER.

First error seems to be in recode. It's not translating capitalized
characters like "Ó" to ibmpc, so they look weird in the help pages.
When you start dbootstrap, the display is a mess. No window frames, no
accents, etc (they sometimes get displayed as ?, in some other places
they just nuke the rest of the sentence with it). It looks like the
locale settings are incorrect.

These is ext3 floppies, so I started the install... everything was ok
till I partitioned, mounted and went install the network.
First, it gave me a choice between eth0 and eth1, when I only have an
ethernet card, and dmesg only shows eth1, so I don't know where eth0
came from, and why it's using eth1 and not eth0.
The rescue/drivers.tgz download started, and when rescue's download is
done, it freezed, not fetching drivers.tgz... there weren't any weird
logs in the consoles, so I hit ^C, and restarted the thing. It went ok,
and I came into modconf. The first driver I tried to install was
8139too, and the kernel barfed, I guess because the module was already
installed. After that, I keep getting kernel errors that flood the
eth1: RTL8139 Interrupt line is blocked, status ffff.
eth1: PCI Buss error 2800004.

Restarting the install, skipping modconf entirely.

On the next try, I can't get the base system. I use the default address,
http.us.debian.org/debian, and it errors out with "malformed address".
The network works correctly.

Giving up for now.

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