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Bug#120950: USB boot-floppies

On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 01:39:23AM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> Kannst du mal sagen, über welches Device das Floppy-Laufwerk denn
> angesprochen wird? Und die dazugehörigen minor/major Nummern? 
> (ls -la /dev/device). Und die Kernel-Messages, wenn das Laufwerk erkannt
> wird bzw. der Treiber geladen wird.

Up to now, I didn't succeed in getting the USB floppy to run.
(Someone told me to use the USB-Storage module, but I couldn't find
it. - I havent' tried for than one time, I will try again during the
next days.)

Whom do I need to talk to about the install-Debian-by-tar idea?
Actually, it looks quite simple: just create the proper
apt/sources.list} files, remove sbin/unconfigured.sh, and you are
done. I'm sure many people would want this. (Imagine you want to set
up a Debian NFS-root on a Solaris box, or - as im my case - you want
to replace one Linux with another Debian; in neither case, it doesn't
make any sense that you need floppy disks for that.)

(If Linux is already running, "chroot /path/to/debian dbootstrap"
should/could do it, but it refused to offer my partition for
configuring the base system.)

... Christoph
Christoph Berg <cb@heim-d.uni-sb.de>
Wohnheim D, 2405, Universität des Saarlandes, 0681/9657944

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