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Re: build failure

søndag den 25. november 2001 01:02 skrev Chris Tillman:
> This is a recent translation, the writer used <> to set off a phrase,
> not remembering that <> means 'tag' to sgml. I've done it before
> too. I substituted () in CVS, is that OK Morten/Claus? 

It is fine for now. Thanks for fixing it.

Actually, I had a fix for this bug in my own tree (plus som errornous edits 
of tags in install-methods.sgml, which has been corrected in CVS by toff), 
while I am waiting for aph to konfigure my r/w CVS access. I guess I will 
bother David with one more update, so you do not all have to fight errors, I 
already know of.

My own fix simply use the correct tags &lt; and &gt; instead of replacing 
with ().


Claus Hindsgaul

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